Why do we celebrate new year?

I sometimes wonder why the big hullabaloo over new year? What is the end of the year anyway! A Facebook meme (yes, that is the source of a lot of our knowledge these days) rightly summed it up – we actually celebrate one revolution of the Earth around the sun by drinking, eating out at a club/restaurant, watching fireworks and dancing till midnight and beyond. Here is a little bit of history on new year. We all know that every culture has their own calendar and their own new year dates. Within India for instance, different cultures, different states celebrate … Continue reading Why do we celebrate new year?

My trip to Sikkim!

Going on a vacation towards the end of the year is always a difficult decision with your bank account running low on funds and with everything being super expensive! After a lot of deliberation and going back and forth on vacation options, we (my husband – ┬álets call him A, and I) narrowed down on Sikkim. Read a lot of blogs of people and their experiences and finally decided on doing Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjeeling ( well that was the initial plan anyway). Day 1 : Took a 6 am flight from Hyderabad to Bagdogra via Delhi. Horrible early morning … Continue reading My trip to Sikkim!